My name is Mia… Actually it’s Amelia. Amelia Borowiak. I’m Polish. I’m 23. And I’m a writer. I think. I want to be. You know how sometimes you just discover that even though you can kind of do a lot of things, doing one things actually makes you happy? That you can do that one thing till 2am in the morning after a long day at work because it’s just what you feel like doing? Yeah. Writing is that for me. And I’ve been denying it for a while because I was scared. I mean… It’s intimidating. How do you even start? I have no education in the subject, only ideas, piling on top of one another.

And then something changed. Very recently. I wrote a show. With a friend. We co-wrote it, using pieces of writing we already had and adding some scene-work, because we both originally came out to Los Angeles to be actresses. The show wasn’t a GREAT SUCCESS. But I didn’t even expect it to be or want it to be. I just wanted to do it. Because it was my writing. And it was now out there. And it was somewhat official. I can do this. If I sit down and do it, I can. So here I am. Working on becoming sustainable as an artist. Please believe in me. I will too, so that will make two of us…

You can contact me too! I have an email!







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